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Spotlight on SCWO Legal Clinics

Mdm. Tan has been contemplating filing for divorce from her husband for the past few years. Their relationship has grown increasingly strained with her husband leaving their marital home for weeks at a time. This has taken a severe toll on her mental and physical health. She fears that the conflict at home will have […]


All the World’s A Woman Stage: Legal Awareness for Women across Life’s Stages – Part 1

Many women, in their twenties to their sixties, neglect to equip themselves with the knowledge of their legal rights. Some do not have the resources to gather this information let alone comprehend the context of their legal rights. It was this thought that brought about our two-part series talk, titled ‘Legal Awareness for Women across Life’s […]


MSC Presents: Her Justice Workshop

A shared concern on the limited legal knowledge available to migrant spouses regarding their marital rights has brought together the Singapore Committee for UN Women and Maintenance Support Central in their first collaborative effort. Titled “MSC Presents: Her Justice Workshop”, it aimed to educate participants on the various processes and steps involved when filing for […]

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