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SCWO New2U Thrift Shop Donation Drive

SCWO Centre 96 Waterloo Street

  100% of sales proceeds from New2U Thrift Shop will go towards the SCWO Centre to protect and support the women and girls under our care. With your help, we can raise funds to do more to serve the community. Your donation will go a long way in supporting Gender Equality. Together, let's #EmbraceEquity     You might already know that New2U Thrift Shop is 100% run by volunteers. Donation Drives require a lot of manpower and time to filter through the items, ensuring that the quality and conditions are good enough for them to be resold in the Thrift Shop. A lot of times, the donations are mixed with items that are, quite bluntly put, trash. Please help us by sorting out your donations and ensuring that your pre-loved goods are in good or excellent condition. Remember, if you would buy it, you can donate it, but another woman's trash is not necessarily another woman's treasure. Update: Due to the overwhelming response, registration is now closed.  

P&G Women Entrepreneurs Academy

P&G Women Entrepreneurs Academy is proud to open the door for the 1st time ever for Malaysian women entrepreneurs in 2023! Procter & Gamble and WEConnect International are in strong partnership to provide FREE business development training for #womenownedbusinesses in Singapore and Malaysia! Since launched, more than 500 women from 12 countries have received exclusive training and mentoring designed to help their businesses thrive. We believe women-owned businesses play a crucial role in building a healthy society and economy.   The P&G Academy has become a highlight of our Supplier Diversity plan, with the purpose of strengthening more women-owned businesses gain the skills and networks they need to grow. Our expert trainers provide tailored coaching programs covering Leadership Skills, Procurement Process, Sales, Digital Marketing, Leveraging Technology, and Business Strategy.   Applicants may apply for in this FREE virtual program and join the elite network of #womenbusinessowners. Please register at The program will commence in February 2023.     Selected applicants will receive acceptance notification email by 30th January 2023. Please note participation in this virtual training program does not guarantee business with P&G. We look forward to another great P&G Academy with an inspiring class of 2023 with Malaysian women!