Women Leadership Programmes

 Women’s Register connects women aged 18 to 25 to female industry leaders from a wide range of sectors for guidance and inspiration. We aim to help the young women develop confidence and build their social and professional networks.  

BoardAgender focuses on increasing the awareness of the importance of having gender-balanced boards and businesses in Singapore. Our signature mentorship programme is building a pipeline of board-ready women directors. 

Education and Empowerment

The Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame honours and celebrates the outstanding women who have made an impact on our nation. We document and share their stories widely so as to inspire others, especially young Singaporeans, to dare to dream and to chart their own paths in life. 


Project Awesome brings the inspiring stories of the awesome women in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame to school children with lesson plans, interactive workshops, and talks and exhibitions.  These teaching resources are made available to all schools, madrasahs, and childrens’ homes.