In Her Stride. First Flight.

When a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, the first flight it takes is a step away from the darkness of its cocoon, and forward to independence, adventure and new life.

This year, we celebrate empowerment, strength and opportunities through the stories of Survivors who have overcome the odds and are striving to achieve their goals and dreams.

First Flight Merchandise

Help survivors of domestic violence to take flight by purchasing the First Flight Merchandise, designed by children survivors of domestic violence and residents of the Star Shelter.

First Flight Butterfly Pins

$25 per pin

First Flight Butterfly Tshirts

$25 per unisex T-shirt (S – 2XL)

Make A Donation

Stand with us to uplift, motivate, and support women who have suffered domestic violence to live their best life. Every single dollar will go towards supporting women and girls who need it most, such as to help them rebuild their lives after survivor domestic abuse, provide them with legal clinics, counselling services and more. Your generous donations empower us to provide critical support and resources to women and girls who need it most, helping them break barriers and build brighter futures.

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