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The Star Shelter’s Partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada

The Singapore office of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been supporting both Star Shelter and Maintenance Support Central (MSC) since the start of 2019. Our first partnership with RBC was a bake sale held at their office. Baked goods and PoPstrings bracelets made by the residents of our Shelter were sold during a lunch […]

July 28, 2020

Support the SCWO Service Fund’s COVID-19 response

The arrival of Covid-19 has disrupted much of our activities across society. Some felt this disruption more acutely than others.  Lisa* is a single mother of 2 who works part-time. She relied heavily on the child maintenance provided by her husband to raise her children. With no explanation, her husband moved out earlier this year […]


Support the SCWO-Star Shelter COVID response

The arrival of Covid-19 upon our shores has led to many changes in the way we live our lives, more specifically, in the amount of time spent at home. While this might be a welcome reprieve for some, it is not the case for many others, especially those who may have less-than-ideal household conditions.  Fiona* […]

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