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Have a Slice Day: Star Shelter Cookout with GIC

On 4 March 2023, GIC organised a culinary activity with the beneficiaries of SCWO-Star Shelter as part of their With Love, GIC employee volunteering initiative. There was a total of 22 beneficiaries, including former residents who have been discharged from the shelter. 


That Saturday afternoon, the beneficiaries were transported to the Kitchen Showdown where GIC volunteers were waiting with the ingredients and equipment all prepared. The facilitator, Kingsley, welcomed all to the Kitchen Showdown before splitting the participants into 5 groups and going through the recipes to make pizza, pannacotta and chocolate lava cake. He was engaging while providing precise instructions on the cooking process. With a final reminder to all to have fun, it was time to get to work! Participants shared that, “The volunteers from GIC and the Kitchen showdown facilitators were so friendly and nice.” With their help, even the children were able to participate in the cooking and baking process. 

The event ended with a feast. Participants who were not confident of their baking skills in the beginning were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. “It was an awesome experience, learning new recipes while making new friends.” Many agreed that it was a meaningful activity.  


The Star Shelter team deeply appreciates GIC’s effort in organising and sponsoring this activity for the beneficiaries. “Thank you very much for the lovely and generous presents and thumbs up to an enjoyable, well-planned event!” 

The Star Shelter works together with corporate volunteers to hold such recreational activities for the residents to relax and de-stress. Inviting former residents to participate also helps to create a support network among these ladies who have had similar experiences. It provides a glimpse of how they can heal from their trauma or their abuse and rebuild their lives free from violence. The Star Shelter team is always open to planning outings, activities and workshops for the ladies and children at the shelter. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact Lydia at lydia@scwo.org.sg. 

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