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MSC Talk on Understanding PPO and POHA

The MSC Talk on 22nd March 2023 was open to the public, and the topic was on understanding Personal Protection Order (PPO) and the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA). It covered the process flow of the applications of both orders and the factors that Singapore Courts consider before granting them. MSC invited Ms Carrie Gill, a veteran lawyer, as the speaker of the event.

Ms. Carrie Gill is a partner at Harry Elias Partnership under the Family and Divorce Practice Group. She has acted as lead counsel in matters heard before various courts and was also involved in complex custody, cross-border transnational matters and matters involving the division of high-net-worth assets. She is also proficient in Syariah Law involving Muslim divorces, custody disputes and assets division. Ms. Gill is the author of the chapters ‘The Law Relating to Children’ and ‘The Abduction of Children’ in the 2022 edition of Law and Practice of Family Law in Singapore. She is a member of the Law Society of Singapore’s Family Law Practice Committee, the organizing committee member for the Family Conference 2021 and the Master of Ceremonies for the 2022 Family Law Conference. Ms. Gill also volunteers at various Pro Bono legal clinics.


Besides covering PPO and POHA, Ms. Gill has included additional information on issues that foreign spouses face regarding immigration passes when marital relationships sour. She has shared that there are remedies for situations when local spouses cancel the dependent pass as an act of retaliation.

Participants feedbacked that the talk was concise and clear. Ms. Gill has made the complex legal terms bite-sized so easy to understand.

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