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Preparing for Life and Death

As inevitable as death is, it is a taboo topic which is not often discussed, and many people are not prepared for it. Maintenance Support Central (MSC) sought to help with this through its latest edition of MSC Presents, which addressed the difficult topics of wills, lasting powers of attorney and advanced medical directives. One […]


Heart-2-Heart with MSC: Connecting Community Hearts

  ‘More of such sessions for social service practitioners please!’ Sure, we’d love to deliver! Feedback like this sure is encouraging to us at MSC; and we were eager to see the reception to our new initiative – the MSC Heart-2-Heart. The inaugural session, held in June last year sought to bring together like-minded community […]


Running the Extra Mile

It takes a special quality in one to walk in the shoes of another, yet quite another to not only don these shoes, but also run the extra mile in them – both literally and figuratively. This is exactly what Ms Caroline Davis did. Caroline approached Maintenance Support Central (MSC) last November, sharing her intention […]

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