Category: Foreign Visitors

Visit from Gender Equality Resource Center, Philippines

SCWO warmly welcomed visitors from the Gender Equality Resource Center in Philippines on Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019. The enthusiastic group of 54 were in Singapore for a study visit to have an insight on Singapore’s gender equality strategies. Hosted by board members Yeo Miu Ean and Laina Greene, SCWO shared about our services and initiatives, […]

August 29, 2019

Visit from Fujian Overseas Female Celebrities Association

SCWO board members Ms Yeo Miu Ean and Ms Teo Lin-Lee hosted a group of visitors from Fujian Overseas Female Celebrities Association on 30 July 2019. The delegation was led by its President, Mdm Elizabeth Lee, and consisted of successful women leaders of Fujian descent. The group was interested in finding out more about the […]

August 02, 2019

ACWO Board of Directors Meeting

The 1st Meeting of the 19th ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations (ACWO) Board of Directors (2018-2020) was held in Singapore on 22nd March 2019. Held at SCWO Centre, this is the first meeting since SCWO took over ACWO presidency last year. Dr June Goh extended a warm welcome to members of the Confederation Council and […]

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