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    BoardAgender x YWLC: What it really means to serve on a board?

    BoardAgender x YWLC

    We had an amazing session yesterday sharing with YWLC’s Alumni on “What it really means to serve on a board?”. Thank you, Young Women’s Leadership Connection, Kelley Wong, Jia Yun Wong for co-hosting this with us. Thank you to our esteemed panellists, Karen Loon, Jacqueline Chan, Raen Lim for sharing your personal experience and valuable advice from your board director journeys. Thank you to our moderator, Lynn Er for facilitating such a robust discussion. And thank you, Milbank LLP for hosting us in your spacious boardroom with a gorgeous view. Some of the discussions included what are the considerations for new board members, how to prepare to become a board…

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    International Women’s Forum (South Africa) visits SCWO to understand BoardAgender

    On 3 February 2023, The International Women’s Forum South Africa paid SCWO a second visit with a new cohort of women leaders as part of their Women in Leadership Programme’s Immersion Trip, led by Duke Corporation Education. They first visited SCWO in October 2022. CEO Koh Yan Ping provided a rundown of milestones achieved over the recent years – such as Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development Report held throughout 2020, which in turn produced SCWO’s report released in 2021, and the government’s White Paper that followed in 2022. An open discussion on SCWO was moderated by President Junie Foo, who explained the relationship between non-profit organisations (NPOs) and ministry agencies…

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    Congratulations to BoardAgender’s Aspiring Women Directors (2022 Cohort)

    On Thursday, 12 January 2023, BoardAgender’s second cohort of ten mentees from its Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors 2022 celebrated the completion of their 6-month mentoring programme at a ceremony held with their mentors and the BoardAgender committee. The ten mentees, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, are: Annie Joseph Chanel Lim Gloria Arlini Jiayun Fang 方嘉筠 Julia Leong Lynn Wong 黄佩玲 Nur Ashikin Ahmad Renita Sophia Crasta Suling Lin Yvonne Foo BoardAgender’s Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors 2022 combines one-on-one mentoring by experienced company directors in Singapore with the group and peer mentoring and closed-door sessions with well-respected, experienced directors and other partners. The director-mentors…