BoardAgender Breakfast with Suzanne Heywood (The Lady Heywood of Whitehall)

BoardAgender had the privilege to host Lady Suzanne Heywood and Emma Sinclair for a breakfast session with mentors of BoardAgender’s Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors 2023 and BoardAgender Committee Members at the Fullerton Hotel. 

Suzanne Heywood was born in the UK but for a decade of her childhood, sailed around the world with her family with limited access to formal education. She came back to the UK aged 17 and won a place to study at Oxford University. After her PhD at Cambridge University, she joined McKinsey and Company where she became a senior partner. She is now the Chief Operating Officer of Exor and Executive Chair of both CNHI and Iveco Group. She married the late civil servant, Jeremy Heywood, in 1997 and they have three children. She is the Sunday Times bestselling author of “What Does Jeremy Think?” and “Wavewalker: Breaking Free”.

Suzanne Heywood’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience in the face of adversities. From as young as the age of 7, Suzanne encountered numerous challenges that made the going extremely difficult for her. Growing up in such challenging circumstances, Suzanne confronted adversities with an unyielding spirit. Rather than allowing these circumstances to dictate her future, she harnessed them as sources of strength.

Suzanne’s story is a beacon of inspiration, highlighting that resilience and having the drive to succeed, are crucial in achieving success. A heartfelt thank you to Suzanne Heywood for an unforgettable morning of insights and inspiration and Emma Sinclair for introducing us to Suzanne Heywood.

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