BoardAgender Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors 2023 Graduation Ceremony

On Monday, 08 January 2023, BoardAgender’s third cohort of ten mentees from its Mentoring Porgramme for Aspiring Women Directors 2023 celebrated the completion of their 6-month mentoring programme at a ceremony held with their mentors, BoardAgender Committee and BoardAgender’s partners.

Warm congratulations to the graduates of the BoardAgender Mentoring Programme for Aspiring Women Directors 2023:

Carol Lum

Debbie Ng

Fernn Lim

Geraldine Chin

Jane Perry Somerville

Noelle Lim

Novita Jong

Sandra Lim

Vimaljit Kaur

Yau Siew Choi


The celebratory evening was led by BoardAgender’s Chairperson, Georgette, who reflected on the significant achievements and growth of our ten mentees and expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards our mentors who voluntarily dedicated their time to help our aspiring women directors on their journey. The director-mentors are:

Aliza Knox

Bill Chua

Joy Tan

Junie Foo

Karen Loon

Lim Chon Phung

Nick Winsor

Ooi Huey Tyng

Robert Grome

Shee Tse Koon

This was followed by a fireside chat with Karen Tay Koh, moderated by Shai Ganu, BoardAgender’s committee member, where she shared her experiences and lessons learned during her board journey, providing inspirational and valuable insights. We appreciate the wonderful pieces of advice shared by Karen, which included staying curious, building chemistry and embracing serendipity.


Designed with the objective of guiding and supporting women to achieve their directorship-related aspirations, the programme paired ten next-generation female directors in Singapore with experienced director-mentors. Throughout the past six months, our mentees acquired invaluable insights into crucial skills essential to serving on a board from their mentors, and other sessions with experienced directors and other partners.


More details on applying for the 2024 programme will be announced in March 2024. Visit here for further information: .

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