Celebrating Dedication and Service: SCWO Volunteers Appreciation Party 2023 

On December 9, 2023, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) hosted one of the most anticipated events of the year, the SCWO Volunteers Appreciation Party. More than 40 volunteers, Board, Committee members and staff gathered to celebrate with gratitude, recognition, and festive cheer as volunteers were honoured for their unwavering commitment to the community.    

In her welcome address, SCWO CEO, Koh Yan Ping expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the tireless contributions of the volunteers and emphasized the impact their work has had on our community.  

To capture the spirit of gratitude, SCWO put together an appreciation video, featuring heartfelt testimonials from beneficiaries and staff thanking the volunteers’ efforts. The video serves to be a powerful reminder of the profound impact that volunteerism has on the lives of others. 

The highlight of the Appreciation Party was the recognition of volunteers for their exceptional contributions. From the “5 Years Long Service Award” to the “Service Excellence Award”, each accolade celebrated the unique qualities and dedication exhibited by the recipients.  

Seven volunteers were awarded for their contributions:  

5 Years Long Service Award 

  1. Harijati Muning – New2U Tuesday Team  
  2. Yvonne Tay – New2U Thursday Team 
  3. May Hui – SWHF Heritage Walk   

Service Excellence Award 

  1. Christine Koh – New2U Monday Team  
  2. Siamala Pillai – Star Shelter 
  3. Pavitar Kaur Gill – SHECARES@SCWO  

Volunteer of the Year  

Jayani Taylor  


To infuse a touch of the holiday spirit, volunteers played a lively round of Christmas themed games, and participated in a lucky draw. All volunteers carried home a goodie bag with gifts generously sponsored by our partners. This event would not be complete without the support of our sponsors from Lions Corporation Singapore, Danish Delights and other supporting partners. 

Volunteers play a key role in supporting our programmes and initiatives. We are constantly amazed by our volunteers’ willingness to share their time and resources to advance women’s development in Singapore. We extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all volunteers who helped make 2023 an amazing year and brought us closer to achieving Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth for women and girls in Singapore.  

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