Category: Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame

CHIJ Women History Makers

‘Women are not as impactful as men!’, ‘Women can’t do everything men can do!’ These are perspectives that many of us might have had when growing up. This is where the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame comes in. Through exhibitions and talks, we aim to change the mind-sets of many, especially the younger generation, by […]


The Making of A Warrior

Her father used to often ask her “Why do you think you were born into this world?” Every morning, Ivy Singh Lim, the Champion of Farming in Singapore, would look into the mirror and tell herself “You are beautiful and strong!” St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School invited the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame to set […]


Find your own Everest and Climb it

Did you know that one of the first women to summit Mount Everest started her journey with a fear of heights? As impossible as that sounds, Lee Peh Gee, Team Member of the Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET) pushed on and challenged herself to overcome her fears. After her 5 year journey of climbing Everest, […]

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