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New2U Biannual Bazaar 2019: Shopping is a Sport

They say shopping is a sport – and we couldn’t agree more. The very same values that will take you far on the track- competitiveness, endurance, discipline – will serve you well in this arena too. This similarity was most evident at our New2U Biannual Bazaar that took place on Saturday 25th May 2019. The […]


New2U Volunteers Tea Session

“Laughter is the brightest place where food is” What happens when you gather a bunch of ladies over food at a cosy café? Without a doubt, you get an afternoon of joy and laughter. On the 20 September 2018, the New2U Volunteers got together at HangOut Café, whose name speaks for itself, and spent an […]


New2U Gives Back

Helping one another can begin with the smallest of gestures and thoughts. Over the years, the New2U Thrift Shop has received much support from individuals and corporations and we no words can describe our gratitude. Thus, it is only natural that we, in turn, give back and show our support and help others. Helping Those […]

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