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Festival of F.U.N in KidsFest with Project Awesome and New2U Atrium Sale

In the last week of our pop-up at i12 Katong, SCWO’s New2U Thrift Shop and Project Awesome joined forces for the Festival of F.U.N KidsFest. Held at the mall’s atrium, the space was divided into an adventure-packed hunt featuring interactive panels, inspiring guided workshops, and an extensive selection of children’s clothing at affordable prices.  

The young explorers set out into the meandering jungle of crossword puzzles and word searches to unearthing the treasure at the journey’s end. In their quest, they were enriched with stories of the remarkable women in the ‘Awesome Women of Singapore’ book. By the end of their journey, children were inspired to reach for the stars and aim high when forging their paths. 

The young adventurers also engaged in a variety of captivating workshops led by professional artists from The Red Pencil, Art for Good, and Two Hobbies, alongside SCWO’s member organisation, Mama on Palette. They were also treated to workshops from SCWO’s own Project Awesome and New2U Thrift Shop.   

The Red Pencil held an experiential art therapy workshop where children explored the art of self-expression. Guided by a credentialed art therapist, they gained deeper insight into themselves by creating beautiful artwork using watercolours, discovering that art is not just about creating something beautiful but also about finding a voice for those feelings that are often hard for children to articulate.  

The young explorers immersed themselves in Experiential Art Therapy, facilitated by The Red Pencil (Singapore)

With Art for Good and Mama Palette, the young explorers journeyed to the vibrant kingdom of safari animals via their pick of watercolour, colour pencils and crayons. Led by Amanda Chen, the young explorers wielded paintbrushes and expressed their awesomeness by creating personalised bookmarks. Each one symbolising their values and dreams, their creations serve as meaningful tokens of the immense lying within each child in their path to greatness.  

Happy young explorers with their watercolour bookmarks from the Splash & Dash Watercolour Workshop led by Amanda Chen

The young explorers honed their artistic skills in macrame with Mama on Palette and Two Hobbies. Crafting stunning bookmarks under the expert guidance of Shilpa, the children had the chance to learn and practice various macramé knots. Culminating in a unique and practical piece of art, these creations are a reminder of the young explorers’ newfound skills and creativity.  

Guided by Shilpa Kedia, the young explorers mastered macramé bookmarks
Hard at work sketching out their posters with abstract patterns

Project Awesome held the printmaking workshop where young explorers learnt the fundamentals in printmaking to make their very own ‘Empower Your Awesome’ poster. Armed with stencils, paint and colour pencils, the young explorers got to work designing a poster. Through vivid colours and funky shapes, children expressed their creativity and individuality, transforming blank canvases into vibrant masterpieces that reflected their unique perspectives and boundless imagination. Each poster became a powerful statement of self-expression and confidence, showcasing the empowering message that every child can dream big and achieve anything they set their minds to, without anything holding them back.  

New2U beckoned the style-savvy with paper dolls that the young explorers could dress according to their vision with scraps of fabric – a segue for the young explorers to learn about the importance of sustainability and practice authenticity in their designs.    

Additionally, New2U held a massive sale of exquisite children’s clothing, ranging from timeless traditional wear to cute dresses for girls and smart collared shirts for boys. The diverse selection garnered an overwhelming response of close to $5000 in sales, marking yet another success in our journey at i12 Katong.  

As our time came to an end, we generated a total sale of close to $6900 through both New2U’s clothing sale at the Pop Palette and atrium, as well as Project Awesome’s merchandise and donations.  

With 100 children participating in the awesome hunt and over 60 attending the workshops, the Festival of F.U.N KidsFest buzzed with excitement and the echoes of children inspired to reach for the stars. This event not only celebrated creativity and learning but also fostered a sense of community and empowerment among young minds, leaving an indelible mark on their journey of growth and discovery. We extend heartfelt thanks to our partners, The Red Pencil and Mama on Palette, whose contributions enriched the experience. 


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