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SCWO Open House – A Night to Remember: SCWO participates in the Singapore Night Festival 2022 for the first time

SCWO participated in the Singapore Night Festival for the first time with an open house themed “A Night to Remember”. With a series of exciting activities, the open house was buzzing with chatter, curiosity and camaraderie for three nights from Fri to Sun, 19 to 21 August 2022.

Visitors were invited to participate in a quiz to learn more about SCWO. The answers were found around the SCWO centre, allowing visitors to explore the centre and be inspired by the stories of the lives of our nation’s pioneering women through the Awesome Women Exhibition and the SCWO Milestones Wall. 

Visitors also participated in a series of art and craft workshops. Through the generosity of our long-time volunteer at the Star Shelter, Monica engaged visitors with a card-making workshop. Children and adults alike were engrossed with the beautiful materials and colours they used to create gratitude cards for their loved ones. Thank you, Monica, for providing such a lovely and heartwarming activity for all!

Room To Imagine, our sponsoring Art Studio, provided a therapeutic DIY acrylic pour activity, where visitors created marbleised designs using the dirty cup pour technique. 


Our Youth For Causes (YFC) student groups, Hues Of Purple and Momentus, who have pledged to fundraise for SCWO, also contributed to the event by the sale of creative handmade merchandise, beautiful henna handwork and wowed participants with their Dream Board Making Workshops.


Visitors completed their experience at SCWO with a shopping spree at our New2UThrift Shop, where items went at a special Pay-As-You-Wish promotion.


We are grateful for the support and donations contributed by the visitors, staff and volunteers. A Night to Remember would not be successful without your generous contributions and happy faces!

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