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Member Spotlight: Daughters Of Tomorrow

Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) is an IPC charity empowering underprivileged women into sustained employment, thus enabling their families towards social mobility. It complements existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. DOT’s beneficiaries are women aged 20 to 60 from low-income families (surviving on […]

February 28, 2020

Presidents’ Forum and Annual Lohei Lunch 2020

The first Presidents’ Forum session of the year was held on 18 January 2020, which was attended by over 30 of our member organisations. This session was not only held for members to provide updates on their organisations’ plans for the new year but also to introduce the first round of recipients of the Seeds […]


Member Spotlight: University Women’s Association Singapore

University Women’s Association (Singapore) or UWAS, was inaugurated in August 1996 and is a member of SCWO. UWAS is also part of the National Federation of Associations (NFA) of the Graduate Women International (GWI) HQ in Geneva and has members in more than 60 countries worldwide. UWAS’s mission is to improve the status of women and girls; […]

January 06, 2020
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