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    SCWO New Member: Mama On Palette; raising funds to support the community book, Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)

    SCWO welcomes new member Mama On Palette, a group of mamas passionate about arts, aesthetics, and mental wellness. The Mama on Palette community shares inspirations about arts and parenting. Mama On Palette provides a space for all talented mothers in Singapore to showcase their artwork, passion and pursuit. They support the idea of Art Lover Mamas and also dedicate their energy to both motherhood and art creation.

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    SCWO celebrates Lunar New Year 2023 with Lo Hei and Presidents’ Forum

    Thirty member organisations gathered at SCWO on Saturday, 4th February for the Presidents’ Forum and Lo Hei to welcome the Year of the Rabbit!  The Presidents’ Forum is a valuable opportunity for presidents of SCWO member organisations to meet and connect with like-minded organisations. With close to 60 attendees, the event was lively as members went around the room to introduce themselves during the networking session.  Junie Foo, SCWO President Ms Sandra Lim, Kantar Public, shares about the upcoming launch of the Reykjavik Leadership Index APAC The event started with a welcome speech by President Junie Foo, who highlighted several upcoming SCWO events including the SWHF induction ceremony, launch of…

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    SCWO Congratulates and Welcomes New Member: Fortune Times Women Empowerment Network (WEN)

    SCWO congratulates Fortune Times Women Empowerment Network (WEN) on their successful launch on 9th December and welcomes them as its newest member!     WEN is a sub-committee of the Fortune Times Media Group for women’s development. The network is a social enterprise network aimed at empowering women and networking. WEN is an initiative, where women leaders from Indonesia and Singapore, and award winners of the Women’s Empowerment Awards (WEA) can participate to contribute to society as set out in 2015 SGDs. WEN strives to bridge women in Singapore to the other countries in the region through their mission: Promoting women empowerment across education, healthcare and entrepreneurship. Inspiring women’s journeys…