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WR x The Happy Mondays Co: How to be Happier in Your Current Work from Home Dynamics Webinar

When the dream of working from home all day everyday turned into a reality, many of us were excited. However, that feeling of happiness slowly faded away and some of us started to feel overwhelmed, overworked yet unproductive.

As we embrace the new norm of working from home, Women’s Register (WR) collaborated with WR member, Sandra Quelle, the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of The Happy Mondays Co -an inclusion-focused, female-led career empowerment consultancy, to bring about our first lunch webinar. The session focused on Mind & Work, to provide practical job planning tips with mindfulness and self-care resources to empower our participants to be happier and make the most of their current work from home dynamics.

We were joined by 35 participants. Sandra started the session by asking participants to acknowledge the conflicting feelings that many may feel while working from home. She reminded everyone that we are not alone in this. She then dived into the “Mind” aspect of the webinar, giving tips on time management. One helpful tip she shared was that we should give purpose to the extra time that we save from not having to commute to and from work. Sandra also encouraged participants to have blocks of ‘doing nothing’ to allow ourselves breathing space and to create boundaries to balance work and life.

For the “Work” aspect of the webinar, Sandra touched on some methods and principles to achieve better productivity. Personal tips were also shared on time management – such as being strategic and knowing when is the best time to complete tasks that are both urgent and important versus tasks which are urgent but not important. Asking ourselves these questions will allow us to better allocate our time to complete different tasks, which in turn will enhance our productivity.

As we embrace this new work from home norm, let us always remember that we are not alone, we need to manage our time to allow for better productivity while also remembering to breathe and take care of our own well-being.    

It is WR’s vision that women are connected and supported by fellow women in the community, given inspiration and empowerment to take charge of their lives. We thank all participants as well as our corporate partner for joining us in working towards this vision.

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