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Secret Sister Project 2018

The Secret Sister project by Women’s Register was back in 2018 by popular demand! The project was initiated in 2016 in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This project was launched with the intent of reaching out to women and girls residing in shelters or homes by delivering messages […]

January 07, 2019

WR Presents: Make Your Bold Move for 2019!

If someone were to ask you at the end of 2018 to share what you have achieved in the year, will you be able to answer that question easily? We all often start off the year with various resolutions. However, many of these resolutions are not realised. There are either forgotten the moment they are […]

December 03, 2018

An Eventful May with Women’s Register

Champions Team: AMetys Ngo, Cavan Tay and Adil Hakeem Presented by: Dr Alvin Tan, Director of Office For Women’s Development, MSF. On 19th and 20th May, Women’s Register (WR) collaborated with the NUS English Debates Club in the WR-NUS Pre UADC Debating Championships. After a two day long battle with 32 local and international teams, […]

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