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    The River Dialogue: Career Navigation while embracing Diversity

    River Dialogue: Embracing Diversity in the workplace

    11 November 2022 – SCWO’s Women’s Register (WR) collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic in an exciting virtual event to address and discuss how differences in nationality, disability, gender, and age can impact one’s journey, especially in the workplace. The River Dialogue was attended by more than 600 students from various polytechnics in Singapore. This inter-poly dialogue was part of the students’ Diversity and Inclusion curriculum to encourage students to embrace each other’s differences and be more empathetic towards those with different life experiences. Two speakers from SCWO member organisations were invited to share how their unique identities as career transitioners and a woman in STEM altered and shaped their lives. Ms…

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    Women’s Register & Silver Ribbon Presents: R U Ok? Transiting from Schools to Workplaces during a Pandemic

    On 22nd July, SCWO’s Women’s Register (WR) held a mental wellness talk, R U OK? Transiting from Schools to Workplaces during a Pandemic. The talk, co-organized by WR and Silver Ribbon (Singapore) (SRS), had 23 participants who were able to gain an insight into the mental wellness scene in Singapore as well as understand how stress impacts their lives and how to manage their stress. The talk was conducted by speaker Phay Yan Deng, a Senior Clinical Executive from SRS. Yan Deng started the talk by sharing some common statistics on mental illnesses in Singapore. The session was informative and engaging with audience members actively participating via the zoom chat.…

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    Women’s Register Holds First Session on Blending Excellence

    On 1 June 2021, Women’s Register held the first session of a two-part workshop series, Blending Excellence. The workshop introduced participants to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a methodology with a myriad of tools and techniques which has been gaining popularity as more individuals benefit from learning and applying its principles. NLP has varied benefits. These include helping one to improve personal and interpersonal relationships, identifying one’s goals and how to achieve them, build deeper and stronger relationships, enhance confidence and self-esteem, and helping one gain a better understanding and control of their lives. The event was called Blending Excellence as participants are thought how to create their own unique blend of…