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Women’s Register & Silver Ribbon Presents: R U Ok? Transiting from Schools to Workplaces during a Pandemic

On 22nd July, SCWO’s Women’s Register (WR) held a mental wellness talk, R U OK? Transiting from Schools to Workplaces during a Pandemic. The talk, co-organized by WR and Silver Ribbon (Singapore) (SRS), had 23 participants who were able to gain an insight into the mental wellness scene in Singapore as well as understand how […]


Women’s Register Holds First Session on Blending Excellence

On 1 June 2021, Women’s Register held the first session of a two-part workshop series, Blending Excellence. The workshop introduced participants to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a methodology with a myriad of tools and techniques which has been gaining popularity as more individuals benefit from learning and applying its principles. NLP has varied benefits. These include […]

June 07, 2021

WR-NUS Pre-UADC Debate Championship 2020

The WR NUS Pre-UADC Debate Championship 2020 is the 6th of the Debate Series which started in 2011 with the aim of raising awareness for gender equality and engaging our forthcoming generations of thought leaders to discuss their concerns and express their future aspirations, with a focus on women’s issues. Unlike previous years where debaters […]

December 07, 2020
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