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Women’s Register Holds First Session on Blending Excellence

Screenshot of the Powerpoint slide during the Zoom session

On 1 June 2021, Women’s Register held the first session of a two-part workshop series, Blending Excellence. The workshop introduced participants to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a methodology with a myriad of tools and techniques which has been gaining popularity as more individuals benefit from learning and applying its principles.

NLP has varied benefits. These include helping one to improve personal and interpersonal relationships, identifying one’s goals and how to achieve them, build deeper and stronger relationships, enhance confidence and self-esteem, and helping one gain a better understanding and control of their lives.

Blending Excellence Zoom Session Screenshot

The event was called Blending Excellence as participants are thought how to create their own unique blend of consistent excellence. Our speaker Anne Lee, who has a background in psychology and her own private practice, introduced participants to the basics of NLP, how and why it works in the first session.

Participants also took part in two short exercises, led by Anne, to identify their most dominant of 5 senses- a skill will be especially useful in the practical application of NLP. This insightful session was a starter pack to those who would like to attend the second session in mid-June and expand their knowledge about NLP.

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