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The arrival of Covid-19 upon our shores has led to many changes in the way we live our lives, more specifically, in the amount of time spent at home. While this might be a welcome reprieve for some, it is not the case for many others, especially those who may have less-than-ideal household conditions. 

Fiona* who is unemployed and 6 months pregnant reflects on how horrifying it would be for her and her unborn child if she were not in the shelter and instead trapped at home with his abusive husband. She was admitted in the shelter only a month before the virus outbreak and circuit breaker measures were put in place “I am thankful every day that I am here…It would have been a different story”, Fiona added.

This has led to an increase in the number of cases of domestic violence against women and children across the country — a phenomenon brought about by the extended periods of time these women and children have to spend with their potential abusers. This rise in cases of domestic abuse has, subsequently, resulted in an increased demand for services provided by our Star Shelter. 

During this Covid-19 period, victims’ income and jobs have been affected. We will need your continued support for us to ensure that we are able to provide services for everyone who needs it. Your donation can help defray the cost of living for these victims which includes their medical consultations and transportation costs.

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