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The Star Shelter’s Partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada

The Singapore office of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been supporting both Star Shelter and Maintenance Support Central (MSC) since the start of 2019. Our first partnership with RBC was a bake sale held at their office. Baked goods and PoPstrings bracelets made by the residents of our Shelter were sold during a lunch event while we presented on our Shelter and MSC services.

Since this first successful event, RBC has continued to support us through donations and raising awareness for our respective causes. To commemorate International Women’s Day this year, RBC collated stories of our residents and circulated them to their global team to highlight female empowerment and our residents’ strength and resilience in adversity.

Throughout this pandemic, they have continuously checked in with the shelter, and sought ways in which they can support us and our residents during these trying times. In June 2020, RBC raised $10, 000 for Star Shelter in two weeks, surpassing their initial target of $1000 by tenfold. Additionally, they have generously donated another $2000 to the shelter for us to purchase essential items for the residents. These items include personal protection equipment, groceries and personal care & hygiene products to name a few.

We would like to thank RBC for their continued support and generosity extended to MSC & Star Shelter. We are only able to do the work we do with the support of individuals and organisations like them. Their contributions will go a long way in helping us develop programmes, activities, and resources for survivors of domestic violence. Through their efforts, we will be able to improve the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of these strong women and children. Thank you, RBC, for aiding their journey in rebuilding their lives, empowered, independent and free from violence.

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