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WR x TechX @ Accenture Webinar: Building Your Professional Brand in A Digital World Webinar

A common misconception is that branding only applies to companies but the truth is, branding definitely applies to individuals too! Personal branding will allow you to promote your interests, enhance your presence and communicate your strengths. In our modern society where digitalisation is taking over a huge part of our lives, a powerful, professional digital brand will allow you to stand out in the right way.

Women’s Register (WR) collaborated with TechX @ Accenture — a Corporate Citizenship program at Accenture — to bring about a webinar focusing on how to build your professional brand in a digital world. This is the 2nd time that WR is collaborating with TechX @ Accenture.

We were joined by 26 participants and 12 members from the TechX @ Accenture team. The session started with a sharing on the social footprint in Southeast Asia and Singapore, as well as how each social media channel targets a different audience. Participants were encouraged to take a Landit Personal Brand Score Quiz to establish where each participant’s personal brand stands currently.

Eight tips were given on how to build an online presence, with detailed explanations and examples cited for participants to learn and build on their own brands. LinkedIn was also introduced as a great branding platform. Participants were then assigned into breakout rooms with speakers and Accenture volunteers to engage in discussions on their personal brand.

Following that, more tips were given on how to improve engagement on LinkedIn and the speaker encouraged participants to pose a challenge to themselves on how they will work to elevate their personal brand.

The session closed with the speaker encouraging participants to not be afraid to talk about their achievements – drawing reference from the Google initiative #IAmRemarkable. Many of us struggle with talking about our achievements and we can use our branding platform to practice our self-promotion skills and celebrate our achievements.

Here is a snapshot of participants’ biggest takeaways from webinar:

It is WR’s vision that women are connected and supported by fellow women in the community, given inspiration and empowerment to take charge of their lives. We thank all participants as well as our corporate partner for joining us in working towards this vision.

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