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Helping one another can begin with the smallest of gestures and thoughts. Over the years, the New2U Thrift Shop has received much support from individuals and corporations and we no words can describe our gratitude. Thus, it is only natural that we, in turn, give back and show our support and help others.

Helping Those who Can’t Help Themselves

Every Tuesday (and sometimes on other days), if you happen to be at SCWO or New2U, you might bump into a jolly, middle-aged Caucasian man who’s always walking around with flattened cartons and smiling at everyone who passes. We all know him as Sir John (a Knight of Malta), an esteemed humanitarian leader whom has made a name for himself within the Southeast Asian region. For many years, Sir John has been tirelessly doing his part for the communities through the New2U Thrift Shop. Our regular volunteers go through tons of donation everyday, and would sort them out accordingly and this is where Sir John comes in. There are sometimes too much to be sold, therefore the top-tiered ones are kept for the shop, and the lower-tiered would be sorted and packed by Sir John and dispatched to needy communities around the region and sometimes in Singapore, all expenses borne by him.

Sir John’s passion and dedication to giving back started 12 years ago, when he first joined the Lions Club International in Indonesia, a global non-profit organisation aimed at meeting the needs of communities worldwide. His involvement with the Lions Club involves coordinating with government and humanitarian agencies around the region and leading numerous mission trips to various ASEAN countries in need of supplies and aid. One of his most recent trips was delivering supplies to Marawi, a city in the Philippines currently under political siege. Part of New2U’s donations were packed and sorted by Sir John and his team of volunteers and sent over to the refugees in the politically torn city.

When asked why he does what he does, he attributed his work and inspiration to his father, who once told him, “Whenever people are in need of help, you do not ask, you help. Help those who can’t help themselves.” This life motto is what kept him thriving in his passion throughout the years.

Giving Back with Project Integrate

In other news, the New2U Thrift Shop recently worked with Project Integrate, an initiative which helps provide necessities to migrant workers of Singapore. For this partnership, New2U worked with Project Integrate to provide clothes for these migrant workers and their families. The team sorted and packed 3 full boxes of clothes and delivered them to Westlite dormitory in Mandai. The boxes were sent to one of the rooms where the migrant workers viewed and selected the clothes.

Laughter and happiness were all seen through the smiles of the workers as they browsed through the wide variety of clothes. All the clothes were given out successfully within a 3-hour joyous session.

It was truly an amazing and fun experience working with such engaging young students from Project Integrate. We certainly hope to work with this bunch again!


Project Integrate is an initiative started by a group of Hwa Chong Institution students who set out their goals in bridging the gap between migrant workers and Singapore’s population. Started in 2012, it has since been passed down to its preceding batch of dedicated students whom kept the initiative growing strong. Throughout its development, this initiative has garnered a spectrum of media coverage, ranging from local newspaper features such as Lian He Zao Bao, to on-screen appearances on TV shows such as On The Red Dot – Want to know more about Project Integrate? Do check out their Instagram page @project_integrate for more updates!

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