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‘Women are not as impactful as men!’, ‘Women can’t do everything men can do!’ These are perspectives that many of us might have had when growing up. This is where the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame comes in. Through exhibitions and talks, we aim to change the mind-sets of many, especially the younger generation, by sharing inspiring stories of pioneering and outstanding women in Singapore.

In the month of August, the SWHF outreach team had the privilege of sharing about some of the inductees with CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School. In line with the school’s module on gender and studies, the outreach programme focused on the impeccable journeys of fifteen outstanding women who belong to the CHIJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) Family.

Rahimah Rahim, Catherine Lim, Noeleen Heyzer, Eleanor Clunies Ross and Janet Jesudason were some of the remarkable women whose stories were shared with the students during the talk. They were taken back to the younger days of each inductee – the search for their passion, the obstacles they faced and overcame, right till their significant breakthroughs. They are indeed history makers in their respective fields.

The session ended with one question: “Dare to Dream! Who do you aspire to be?” Hopefully, this will inspire the students to start creating their own legacies,

Some thoughts from the students about the programme:

“I used to think that women have less impact on the society but now I think women are influential.” – Alexandra Lim, S1 Justice.

“I used to think it was hard for women to accomplish great things, women were discriminated in the old days, but their perseverance made them successful in each of their own aspects. If people in the old days are able to do it, I think I can chase my dream too!” – Rachel, 1 Charity

“Dear Ms Bridget Tan, I truly admire the work you have done for the migrant workers! I am inspired to be a woman like you, helping those in need! It must not have been an easy feat for you to receive the TIP Hero Award! Congrats and thank you for being such a hero!” – Xin Yi

“Dear Ms Catherine Lim, as a student from SNGSS, I am very glad to be able to read ‘Or Else the Lightning God’s. I have learned a lot more about literature through your book! Knowing about such a successful author like you really inspires me to thrive in life! Thank you!”


The SWHF organises outreach programmes to schools and the public to inspire, to celebrate the achievements and tell the often untold stories of Singapore’s phenomenal women. If you would like this travelling exhibition to come to your school or organisation, drop us an email at


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