BoardAgender Personal Branding Session

BoardAgender’s Committee Member, Jovina Ang, conducted an informative session on the importance of building and leveraging one’s personal brand for the BoardAgender Community at CATAPULT on October 5, 2023.

This session aimed to equip attendees with skills and knowledge on how they can build and leverage their personal brands such that they can demonstrate their value propositions and make their personal brands even more compelling.

The session kicked off with an introduction to the various types of boards and the needs of these boards, followed by the various ways in which boards appoint their directors.

Attendees were introduced to the concept of personal branding and its significance in today’s context and also learned how their branding can set them apart in both personal and professional contexts, as most people tend to associate their branding with their professional lives.


Attendees engaged in robust discussions surrounding how they can make their personal brandings more authentic, where they were encouraged to uncover their unique strengths, values and passions as the starting point for building their personal brandings through the power of storytelling and personal narratives.

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