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    BoardAgender Mentee Session with Kitson Lee

    15 October 2022 – Our mentees were joined by Kitson Lee and Haniff Mustafa from the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership(CNPL), for an engaging and enlightening session about serving on a non-profit board. A special thanks to Värde for generously hosting the session at their office boardroom.  Some important considerations discussed included –   1. Understanding one’s purpose and values when serving on boards. Purpose refers to what one does and value refers to how one can achieve this purpose. When it comes to contribution to the board, it does not always refer to one’s job role as serving on a board is not necessarily a job.   2. Developing trust…

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    The Future Garden for Singapore Women

    SCWO Focus Group Discussing the Future Garden for SG Women

    30 September 2022 – National Parks Board (NParks), in partnership with SCWO and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) organised the first Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for the future Garden for SG Women. Many member organisations of SCWO and Board Members were invited to participate in this FGD, alongside several non-profit and private organisations. To recognise the central role of women in our society and nation, PM Lee announced in September 2020 that a dedicated garden will be created at Dhoby Ghaut Green. This dedicated public space was one of the proposals made by SCWO to dedicate a public space to the women of Singapore. This garden will…