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WR x BCF – Breast Cancer Awareness Talk, 10 September 2020

On 10th September 2020, leading up to breast cancer awareness month, WR collaborated with Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to hold a talk, aimed at raising awareness on breast cancer and advocating early detection.

Participants were engaged in an informative session with a sharing by Michelle Choh (Senior Manager, Awareness, Communications and Education, BCF). Michelle shared about the various statistics surrounding the prevalence of breast cancer in Singapore. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore, with 1 out of 14 women developing breast cancer before the age of 75. Michelle emphasized that breast cancer does not discriminate, and all women are at risk. The importance of early detection was also shared, and Michelle then touched on the risk factors surrounding breast cancer. A video was also screened showing participants how to conduct a breast self-examination video and some resources available on breast cancer.

We were also joined by a breast cancer survivor, Tracy Hoo, who shared with participants on her story and experience – from diagnosis at a young age of 29 to her recovery journey today. It was a very personal and intimate sharing and one that left a deep impression on everyone – keeping us reminded that all of us are responsible for our own health and early detection can save lives.

It is WR’s vision that women are connected and supported by fellow women in the community, given inspiration and empowerment to take charge of their lives. We thank all participants as well as our corporate partner and speakers for joining us in working towards this vision.

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