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The Big Picture

The Star Shelter attended the 2017 Asian Network of Womens’ Shelter (ANWS) Conference,organised by Garden of Hope Foundation (GOHF), in Taipei, Taiwan from 28th to 30th August 2017. Together with our Star Shelter team, delegates from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Adult Protection Services, Casa Ruadha Women Home and the Singapore Anglican Community Services Family Care Centre made up the Singapore delegation.

Delegates from Singapore Anglican Community Services Family Care Centre, Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Casa Raudha Women Home and Star Shelter.

More than 100 leaders, shelter staff, and social workers from 19 countries and over 60 shelters in Asia and Europe came together to connect and share best practices and innovative ideas that can revolutionise the shelters in Asia. Topics such as the legal frameworks and policies to support shelters, network support for shelter services, economic empowerment programs for survivors of domestic violence, and new models in shelter management were discussed during the conference.

Star Shelter Manager Lorraine Lim giving a presentation on Singapore’s Many Helping Hands Approach

Witnessing dedicated leaders and veterans in shelter management share information, support, and guide one another was a very inspiring and rewarding experience for me. The network is a wonderful platform for valuable discoveries on how shelters can reach new heights and work more effectively to support the survivors of domestic violence. However, for someone like me, who has just entered the field, it was more than that – this experience helped me gain more insight regarding my role in the shelter and most importantly, it made me realize how I am connected to a bigger issue I once felt was out of my realm. The Star Shelter’s effort in supporting the survivors of domestic violence by providing safe accommodation and meeting their practical and emotional needs, empowering the victims economically through upskilling and training, and raising community’s awareness on the effects of domestic violence on the victims and the society are parts of the puzzle that make up the big picture – putting an end to violence against women.


Elaine Juan
Star Shelter Social Service Executive

SWHF Heritage Walk


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