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Star Givers

As part of their journey towards empowerment and healing, Star Shelter (SS) residents are encouraged to give back to society by engaging in volunteer work via the Star Givers initiative. On 24 August this year, 18 current and ex residents and their children planned a half-day programme for our adopted beneficiaries from Society for the Aged Sick (SAS), in celebration of Singapore’s National Day. With an exciting programme including song and dance performances, the residents and beneficiaries also created a card for Singapore, to illustrate what they love about their nation. The children were especially excited, having prepared a special dance item for the beneficiaries!

The interaction between SS and SAS beneficiaries was a meaningful one, bringing smiles to the faces of the elderly beneficiaries.

SS residents returned from the day’s activities inspired by the stories shared by the elderly and humbled by the experience. The SAS beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude for the time spent with them, and the effort put into making this day memorable for them. This experience showed SS residents what it means to ‘pay it forward’, and they look forward to the next Star Givers event.

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