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SCWO Launches Gift of Giving Campaign

The SCWO has launched its inaugural Gift of Giving Campaign.

For the duration of this campaign, the SCWO will be working with six women entrepreneurs who have agreed to donate a percentage of their sales during the month of November to the SCWO and its initiatives. This means that a percentage of the amount spent by shoppers during the month of November will go towards supporting the SCWO.

Alongside supporting the SCWO, patrons who shop at these stores during the campaign period will also be supporting these women-owned, locally run businesses.

The money raised throughout the month of November will fund the SCWO and all its services that provide support and empowerment to not only vulnerable women and girls but women of all ages and across all walks of life.

“As we celebrate the Year of the SG Women in 2021, we want to introduce more opportunities for Singaporean women to contribute to their communities in a meaningful way. We are very thankful to the women who have come forward to work with us and support us in this campaign,” says Junie Foo, President of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO). “We hope the Gift of Giving campaign will encourage women to support each other and create a sense of community.”

Read the full press release here

Visit the Gift of Giving site here


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