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#My1stMammo Campaign

Singapore Women’s Association is proud to be a community partner on this #my1st Mammo” campaign organised by 365 Cancer Prevention Society.

365 Cancer Prevention Society is a non-profitable organisation that serves to create positive awareness in battling against cancer-related illness through educating the general public.  They seek to assist cancer patients to adopt a positive lifestyle in a holistic approach to meet their needs which encompasses the mental, emotional and physical needs, to encourage existing cancer patients to organise specific cancer support groups amongst themselves and to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients.

We are organising a mammogram screening programme to create awareness and encourage females to proactively go for screenings, to be able to detect breast cancer and seek treatment early. Through this programme, we will also be sharing with participants about breast cancer and possible treatments.

This programme will be offered complimentary to women

  1. Aged 40 years and above and
  2. With a monthly income of less than $2,000


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