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Leadership at Every Level – What it Means and How it Can Impact your Career


Networking, self-awareness, showing the willingness to learn, and taking on challenges- these are some leadership skills and qualities expected from all employees. However, when we think of leadership, we often think of managerial or C-level executives only. With limited work experience and very little decision-making power, new fresh graduates and lower-level executives are often left wondering how they can rise up the ranks to become the experts of their industries. Young women are often further disadvantaged as traditional gender norms and stereotypes still link masculine traits to leadership, discouraging them from speaking up and claiming their space in a company.

On 21st September, more than 60 participants joined the Women’s Register and Accenture at a panel discussion to learn how young girls and women in different stages of their careers can become better leaders.

Dianne Rajaratnam, managing director with Accenture’s software and platform practice, joined WR committee members, Bernadette Giam and Aparna Dubey, and WR co-chairperson, Jacqueline Chua, as a panellist to share her experience as a female leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The session was moderated by Cheryl Cheong, WR co-chairperson.

The discussion was interactive and engaging, with the audience raising questions on very important issues like discrimination and well being of female leaders. The panellists, who work in various industries, talked about their journeys to leadership positions and the skills or qualities they picked up along the way. The session ended with the panellist sharing an important piece of advice for aspiring women leaders which include, being in control of your life, using your voice for others, being a role-model, and building a bridge between all employees to encourage them to think of ideas and solutions together and thus, becoming better leaders and more wholesome people.

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