Member Spotlight: SBF Singapore Women Entrepreneurs Network

Launched on 21 September 2021, the Singapore Women Entrepreneurs Network (“SG-WEN”) is a network formed by the Singapore Business Federation aimed at bringing together women entrepreneurs in Singapore and connecting them with other women entrepreneurs, business leaders and trade associations in the Asia-Pacific, in particular the ASEAN member states.

SG-WEN aims to attract women entrepreneurs in Singapore from diverse industries and sectoral backgrounds to be its members.  SG-WEN’s mission is to provide a platform where Singapore women entrepreneurs and existing women networks can come together and collaborate for business growth, influence culture and policy, and drive industry changes in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. As at the launch date of 21 September 2021, SG-WEN has already garnered the support of more than 50 members, and it aims to continue expanding its network.

The network will focus on supporting female entrepreneurs in four key areas:

  • Championing women business issues through engagements with senior government officials as well as data-driven advocacy through surveys;
  • Knowledge-sharing through fireside chats and networking events to spur business transformation and growth;
  • Promoting collaboration with other women groups in Singapore, including women groups of trade associations and chambers, and networking with the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network (AWEN), as well as other overseas groups; and
  • Recognising women entrepreneurs for their achievements and successes.

SG-WEN’s plans in the pipeline include organising regular networking and knowledge sharing sessions, dialogues and roundtable sessions with government officials and business leaders, joint activities with other women groups in Singapore and the hosting of visiting women group delegations from the region.

The founding executive committee of SG-WEN comprises Ms Rachel Eng, Managing Director of Eng and Co. LLC, Ms Ang Shih-Huei, CEO and Co-founder of Klareco Communications, Ms Irene Boey, Data Strategist and Consulting Director of Integral Solutions (Asia), Ms Jocelyn Chng, Chairman and Group CEO of JR Group, and Ms Olive Tai, Managing Director and Co-founder of Synagie.

SG-WEN looks forward to working with other women groups in Singapore and the region, to grow and develop a network that will provide women with support and help, for them to be successful.

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