New2U Thrift Shop

New2U Year-End Clearance 2021

New2U Thrift Shop held its Year End Clearance Sale from 17th – 19th December. Due to the pandemic, the shop has been closed till further notice, however, volunteers and customers were more than eager to come back for the 3 days to contribute to the sale. Many customers came down to do their Christmas shopping and were truly generous during this season of giving.


Unlike previous years, the sale focussed on designer and exclusive items only. Customers enjoyed special prices on jewellery, and 50% off on all bags, shoes and clothes. Many were seen taking away at least 2-3 bags full of purchases!


To keep in line with the current set of restrictions, customers had to sign up for 30-minute shopping slots that were released earlier in the sale week. Due to the overwhelming response, we had to extend our hours to accommodate more slots. Despite the limited slots and customers, we managed to raise more than $10,000 in the 3 days.


All proceeds from the New2U thrift shop go towards Star Shelter and the various SCWO initiatives. SCWO is grateful to all volunteers who have made this sale possible, and to all customers for supporting our sale and shop.

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