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New2U Volunteers Tea Session

“Laughter is the brightest place where food is”

What happens when you gather a bunch of ladies over food at a cosy café? Without a doubt, you get an afternoon of joy and laughter.

On the 20 September 2018, the New2U Volunteers got together at HangOut Café, whose name speaks for itself, and spent an afternoon connecting over food and drinks. Getting the New2U family together is not a frequent affair, as our volunteers usually come to the shop once a week and hardly meet volunteers from other days. Hence, it was indeed a fruitful time getting the volunteers together to meet new friends and reconnect with close acquaintances under a cosy atmosphere.

The volunteers also had the opportunity to meet with our New2U Chairperson, Ms. Joanna Portilla, and Co-Chairperson, Ms. Avan Chan. Many ideas and thoughts were shared about the promising future of our humble little thrift shop.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of inviting a special guest speaker, Ms. Joanne Aeria, down to share her knowledge and insights in the realm of hospitality. Given her background as a “People Consultant” and extended experience in customer relations, she imparted many interesting tips about adopting service orientated approaches when dealing with customers at retail shops. The volunteers definitely gained different perspectives from Ms Aeria and we hope to constantly improve the customers’ shopping experience at the New2U Thrift Shop!

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