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MSC Presents: Her Justice Workshop

A shared concern on the limited legal knowledge available to migrant spouses regarding their marital rights has brought together the Singapore Committee for UN Women and Maintenance Support Central in their first collaborative effort. Titled “MSC Presents: Her Justice Workshop”, it aimed to educate participants on the various processes and steps involved when filing for divorce, especially if one party is not a Singapore citizen.

On 25 October 2017, professional lawyer, Ms. Aishah Winter, had expertly broken down the legal terms surrounding divorce issues faced by migrant spouses. This made the terms and documents easier for the public to understand and process. Some of the factors covered include, but were not limited to, division of assets, maintenance and custody of the child when the parents are separated and living in different countries. The session became even more insightful and engaging when Ms. Aishah shared real life cases she has seen over the past 8 years of her legal experience. This discussion empowered participants to fight for their rights and ensure that all decisions made were child-centric.

This workshop has indeed provided a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to come forward and address their pressing concerns surrounding the topic, “Migrant Spouses Facing Divorce”. We hope to continue our collaborative efforts to provide a series of workshops for everyone to gain some insight on other legal issues, for instance violence against women and how one can end it.

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