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Member Spotlight: Women in Energy Asia


The brainchild of a group of women involved in the energy industry, Women in Energy, Asia (“WIEA”) was born in 2014 in order to provide all women from the energy industry with an opportunity to network and get support from one another. It started small with a few presentations by talented women who had succeeded in building a career from themselves and wanted to share their experience with younger ones. It quickly rose to become a recognised industry network when WIEA started organising major industry talks. However, contrary to most industry panel talks, where women speakers are always few, WIEA became a voice for women professionals to share their views on important energy industry topics. At WIEA, women take their due seats at the conference table and lead panels.

Giving a voice to female professionals and giving them an opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their professional acumen has allowed WIEA to become a meaningful industry network organisation in Singapore. One of the flagship industry talks pioneered by WIEA is the annual “What’s happening to oil?” where the stage is shared by two of WIEA’s key corporate members, BP and Societe Generale.  WIEA also organises site visits, the latest one being the visit of the Singapore LNG terminal. 



WIEA is supported by major energy companies and has also developed a loyal group of individual members. WIEA welcomes women and men from all ages, all professional levels and from so many different aspects of the energy industry, namely from upstream to downstream, from oil to electricity, from gas to shipping or from renewable energies to sustainability and environmental issues.

Supporting younger women is important to nurture future women leaders in energy. WIEA has received the support of eminent professional women who have been very generous with their time and have participated in the mentoring programme of WIEA. Among them, Melody Meyer, Non-Executive Director of BP and former President of Chevron, Exploration and Production Asia Pacific and Goh Swee Chen, Non-Executive Director of Capitaland and Singapore Airlines, Chairman of National Arts Council and former Chairman of Shell Companies in Singapore.

WIEA is proud to be a member of SCWO and looks forward to adding its contribution to SCWO’s support to women.

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