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Embracing Equity at the SCWO Gala Dinner 2023

Monday 9 October 2023 – Spirits were high as guests arrived at the Shangri-la Hotel Tower Ballroom for the SCWO Gala Dinner 2023. The event was a celebration of empowerment, unity and unwavering commitment to support women and girls who need it most.  


A Remarkable Evening of Inspiration 


The SCWO Gala Dinner was not just an ordinary event; it was a powerful testament to the strength of women and girls in our community and the collective support they receive from individuals, organisations, male allies and the community at large. From the moment the evening began, attendees were immersed in a world of inspiration.  

Guests were greeted with warm smiles and a sense of camaraderie, setting the tone for the evening.  

SCWO President, Ms Junie Foo, delivered her opening address with passion and dedication to continuously work towards embracing equity and emphasised the importance of going beyond mere equality. 

“We must continue to work with policymakers to ensure that our laws and regulations are equitable. We must foster inclusivity in the workplace and encourage companies to implement diverse hiring practices, equal pay and inclusive workplace cultures. We must continue to support the underrepresented voices of those who are often marginalised or discriminated against because of gender stereotype, and make mindset shifts as we rebuild the flawed foundation of gendered expectations passed down from generations before us, and we must engage men as allies because equity is not just a women’s issue. Equity is a societal issue.” – SCWO President, Ms Junie Foo. 


Guest of Honour, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms Grace Fu, mirrored Ms Junie Foo’s sentiments. She thanked SCWO for being a key partner for engagements with Singaporeans throughout 2021 and in the development of the White Paper, for advocating for more representation by women in political, corporate, and community leadership roles through its BoardAgender initiative and mentoring programme and for SCWO’s continued efforts in raising awareness to stamp out domestic violence and empower women and girls in need through the annual In Her Stride campaign. 

Ms Grace Fu also shared stories of triumph over adversity and her journey towards empowerment. These stories left a profound impact on everyone present, reminding us of the importance of the work we do at SCWO. 


The Launch of In Her Stride First Flight 


“Break Free of your cocoon and give yourself the freedom to fly.” 

The launch of In Her Stride First Flight, SCWO’s campaign for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, started with a video that focused on the inspirational stories of Survivors of Domestic Violence who have overcome the odds and are striving to achieve their goals and dreams. 

The video was followed by a monologue of a survivor, performed by Singapore Polytechnic Student, Yu Qing, and a special dance performance, led by SCWO’s 1st Vice President, Mdm Noorfarahin and the women union leaders from NTUC. The performance focused on the dreams and goals of women who have once faced darkness as victims of domestic abuse.  

The campaign was officially kicked off with the release of the ‘Butterflies’ by Minister Grace Fu, SCWO President Ms Junie Foo, SCWO CEO Ms Koh Yan Ping and SCWO Fundraising Chairperson Ms Pek Lay Peng.  

 It commenced the sale of the First Flight Butterfly pins and t-shirts, which were digitally designed by children survivors of domestic violence and residents of the Star Shelter. The limited edition First Flight Butterfly Merchandise are available for purchase while stocks last.

Supporting Our Cause 

The SCWO Gala Dinner also served as a platform for our supporters to contribute to our mission. Donors and partners stepped forward, showing their dedication to our programmes and services. These vital contributions will enable us to continue our work, reaching even more women and girls who are in need and helping them realise their full potential. 

Guests were able to contribute by bidding in the silent auction and purchasing the SCWO Tote Bag and the Awesome Women of Singapore Book. 

We are immensely grateful for the generosity of all those who supported us during the Gala Dinner. Your contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of countless women and girls, providing them with the opportunities and resources they deserve. 

Continue To Do More For Women and Girls 

Continue to show your support by making a purchase on our Galabid page! Your purchases will directly support our programs and services, enabling us to reach even more women and girls in need and help them realise their full potential. 

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors 

The SCWO Gala Dinner was a night filled with grace, inspiration, and unity. It not only celebrated the achievements of women and girls but also strengthened our resolve to work together for a more equitable and empowered society. We are deeply grateful to all who attended, contributed, and supported our cause. 

As we reflect on this unforgettable evening, we look forward to the continued support and partnership of our community. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the lives of women and girls who need it most, and together, we can create a brighter future. 

Special thanks to: Rahimah Rahim, for serenading our guests with her soulful sounds, Singapore Polytechnic Applied Drama students for their inspiring play on Embracing Equity and NTUC U Women and Family, for the beautiful dance. 

We would also like to thank: Bengawan Solo, Platinum Sponsor, Singapore Pools, Silver Sponsor and Portfolio and Solitaire, the Official Media Partners. 

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this remarkable night. Your presence and support are truly appreciated. 


For more information on how you can continue to support the SCWO and our mission, please visit our donation page or email us at 

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