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Afternoon Tea in appreciation for Patron Madam Halimah Yacob

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) hosted a warm and gracious Appreciation Tea for its patron, Madam Halimah Yacob, on the 28th of September. The event, held at a charming venue, provided an opportunity to celebrate Madam Halimah’s tireless dedication to championing women’s rights and empowerment in Singapore. 


A Gathering of Respected Leaders 

The Appreciation Tea was attended by an esteemed group of leaders, including representatives from various SCWO member organisations. This gathering showcased the strong network of individuals working collectively to advance gender equality and women’s issues in Singapore. 


Madam Halimah Yacob’s Inspiring Journey 

Madam Halimah Yacob, the past President of Singapore, has a long and inspiring journey of service to the nation. Her rise from humble beginnings to becoming the nation’s first female president has been a source of inspiration for many. Her commitment to social justice and gender equality has made her an invaluable patron for the SCWO. 


Honouring a Visionary Patron 

During the Appreciation Tea, Madam Halimah was recognised for her unwavering support of the SCWO’s mission to empower women and promote gender equality in Singapore. The event provided an opportunity for the SCWO and its member organisations to express their gratitude for her invaluable contributions. 

In her speech, Madam Halimah emphasized the importance of collective efforts in achieving gender equality and called for continued collaboration between the government, civil society, and women’s organisations. She commended the SCWO for its dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. 


A Platform for Networking and Collaboration 

The Appreciation Tea also served as a platform for networking and collaboration. Leaders from different women’s organisations shared their experiences and discussed potential initiatives to further advance the cause of women’s rights in Singapore. The event highlighted the importance of a united front in addressing the unique challenges women face. 


The Future of Women’s Empowerment in Singapore 

The event concluded with a sense of optimism for the future of women’s empowerment in Singapore. With leaders like Madam Halimah Yacob and the women’s organisations leading the way, there is a strong foundation for continued progress in promoting gender equality and women’s rights. 

SCWO President, Ms Junie Foo presented a token of appreciation to Madam Halimah Yacob; a beautiful portrait drawn by 17-year-old child survivor of domestic violence who was previously a resident with his mother in the Star Shelter 

 The SCWO’s Appreciation Tea for its patron, Madam Halimah Yacob, was a heartwarming celebration of her dedication to the advancement of women’s rights in Singapore. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable society for all. As we look ahead, there is every reason to be hopeful about the future of women’s empowerment in Singapore, with strong leadership and a united community working together to achieve meaningful change. 

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