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A Peek into Project Awesome’s March Holiday Adventures

This March school holiday, Project Awesome teamed up with the National Library Board and Children’s Museum Singapore to embark on an enriching journey of discovery and empowerment. Through two exciting programmes, children ages 5 to 12 were introduced to the extraordinary women featured in the “Awesome Women of Singapore” book. 

At the library@harbourfront, the stage was set for an immersive storytelling experience celebrating the lives and contributions of three remarkable women. From Yip Pin Xiu’s triumph at the Olympics, to Aisha Akbar’s enchanting folksongs, and Checha Davies’ tireless advocacy for women’s rights, each tale captivated young hearts and minds. 

Following the stories, young artists and their guardians embarked on a creative journey, wielding colour pencils and oil pastels, to honour their own role models. Amid laughter and shared introspective moments, many inspiring portraits were created. It was a touching tribute to the heroes who shape our lives with love and guidance. 

Over at Children’s Museum Singapore, storyteller Sandy and her furry companion, Mindy the orangutan, led intrepid explorers on a quest to save a magical forest. Along the way, they encountered two women champions of sustainability: Han Sai Por, whose nature-inspired sculptures breathe life into conservation efforts, and Yang Chang Man, guardian of wildlife specimens. 

Through the interactive storytelling session, children learned the importance of protecting our environment and explored ways they could help preserve its wonders for future generations. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the amazing teams at the National Library Board and Children’s Museum Singapore, as well as the dedicated student volunteers from Singapore Polytechnic and the library’s Teen Reading Ambassadors. Thanks to their invaluable support, Project Awesome was able to bring these inspiring programmes to life and share the remarkable stories of the Awesome Women of Singapore. 

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