AWESOME Notebook




This special notebook is available in two colours. It features winning artworks that display the spirit of the women in the Hall of Fame.

For the Primary Category, the winners are:  

  1. Aarika Banerjee, 11 (1st place, Primary Category) 
  2. Sharleen Lek Chee Sham, 11 (2nd place, Primary Category) 
  3. Lin Xinyu, 8 (3rd place, Primary Category) 

Honourable Mentions:

  • Isabel Cheung Yui Sam
  • Lee Wei Ting Renae, 7
  • Angela Mu Zi Meng, 7
  • Sofia Etana Limin, 7
  • Elizabeth Lee Zhi Xuan

 For the Secondary School Category, the winners are: 

  1. Sun Jiaze, 15 (1st place, Secondary Category) 
  2. Samantha Liu, 16 (2nd place, Secondary Category) 
  3. Jee Si Xuan Jaleesa, 14 (3rd place, Secondary Category) 

Honourable Mentions:

  • Lim Si Qi Sophie, 15
  • Sophia Adriana Tng Bte Rohaizad, 14
  • Sophia Su Feiya, 13
  • Phan Anh Thi, 16
  • Jayee Ooi, 16

Proceeds will support SCWO and SWHF, especially with the development of our educational resources for Project Awesome, where we bring the stories of these inspiring and awesome women to students across Singapore.

For more information, read more from Tiny Artists, Big Impact: Highlights from the AWESOME Art Competition 2023