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Tiny Artists, Big Impact: Highlights from the AWESOME Art Competition 2023!

On 15th December 2023, SCWO’s inaugural AWESOME Art Competition closed its submissions at a whopping 94 entries, with many of the artworks featuring our recently inducted honourees. Organised with the aim to encourage young audiences to learn about the inspiring stories in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF), the submissions saw the life journeys of the awesome women depicted in creative ways!

As we looked through each of the submissions in detail – reading artwork stories alongside colourful paintings and drawings – we could not help but feel moved by the effort put into each entry. From depicting Lee Mei Yi on a fighter jet fighting a fire-breathing dragon, to Madam Halimah Yacob cooking up a banquet of important milestones during her time as President of Singapore, we were heartened to see how the awe-inspiring stories of the women sparked the imagination and creativity of the young audience.

I am impressed by the sheer talent and creativity on display. Every artwork, accompanied by its own unique story, offers a captivating glimpse into the vibrant perspectives of these young artists. The dedication and sheer spark evident in each participant are truly inspiring, and I am confident they will continue to illuminate the world with their incredible talent.

Amanda Chuan, The Hour Glass

After a full day of combing through the entries with our panel of six judges, three winners and five honorary mentions emerged for each of the primary school and secondary school categories. The sixteen artworks will be showcased at an exhibition at the upcoming SWHF 10th Induction Ceremony & International Women’s Day (IWD) Luncheon on 8th March 2024.

The AWESOME Art Competition 2024 call for submissions will open on 12th August 2024 via Project Awesome’s website. Applicants can also choose to register your interest to participate here and be informed via email when the call for submissions is open.

Once again, we wish to thank our sponsor, The Hour Glass, for supporting us on this journey – without which, we will not be able to organise this amazing experience for school children to pour out their creativity & learn about the stories of the SWHF2

Winners - Primary School Category

First Prize

“A Glance at Glory” – Aarika Banerjee, 11 

Acrylic on paper 

Second Prize

“Pioneering Skies: Mei Yi’s Flight to Excellence” – Sharleen Lek Chee Sham, 11 

Coloured Markers on Paper

Third Prize

“Bubbles of Brilliance” – Lin Xinyu, 8 

Acrylic marker and watercolour on paper 

Honourable Mentions

“Irresistible” – Isabel Cheung Yui Sam 

“Powering Growth, by Women of Singapore” – Lee Wei Ting Renae, 7 (Acrylic on canvas)

“Presidential Inspiration: A Girl’s Determination to Protect the Ocean”  – Angela Mu Zi Meng, 7 (Watercolour, colour marker, and oil pastel on paper )

“My Hero” – Sofia Etana Limin, 7  (Watercolour, crayon, colour pencil, and magic ink on paper )

“Female Beauty” – Elizabeth Lee Zhi Xuan 

Winners - Secondary School Category

First Prize

“My Inspiration” – Sun Jiaze, 15 

Digital art created with Procreate 

Second Prize

“Shattered reflections; blossoming into a new chapter of life” – Samantha Liu, 16 

Graphite and acrylic on paper 

Third Prize

“Pushing Myself to the Limits” – Jee Si Xuan Jaleesa, 14 

Digital art created with IbisPaint X 

Honourable Mentions

“The Woman Behind The Mystery And The Stage” – Lim Si Qi Sophie, 15  (Digital art created with Procreate) 

“Ovidia Yu – Author and Playwright” – Sophia Adriana Tng Bte Rohaizad, 14 (Digital art created with Procreate) 

“Harmony of Triumph” – Sophia Su Feiya, 13 (Colour marker on paper)

“Embrace” – Phan Anh Thi, 16 (Gouache and acrylic on paper) 

“Above All” – Jayee Ooi, 16 (Digital art created with Procreate)

Written by Stacy Huang

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