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WR x Accenture: Communicate with Confidence Workshop, 25 Sept 2019

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

– Melinda Gates, Co-founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Communicating in the workplace requires confidence – at the Women’s Register (WR), we recognise this, and hope to boost our members professionally through fun and educational workshops. On 25th September, WR partnered with Accenture, a multinational professional services company, to organise a workshop that allowed participants to learn how to build a strong toolkit for communicating brilliantly in the workplace using the Lean In method. Accenture kindly offered to host the workshop at their beautiful office space. The programme also included a panel discussion with three guest panellists – Kaela Montgomery (Diversity Programs Specialist, Facebook), Kim Underhill (Board of Directors, Daughters of Tomorrow) and Karen Ong (Managing Director, Technology, Accenture).

Participants were introduced to three ways to improve confidence:

  1. Point of View
  2. Presence ( through power posing, sound check and facial cues)
  3. Practice

A personalised exploration of participants’ communication styles using a personal inventory checklist was also conducted and participants were encouraged to share and discuss points in their clusters. Accenture volunteers seated in each cluster also facilitated the session, encouraging each participant to share and learn from each other regarding some of the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s communication styles.

A short TEDTalk video of social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, was also shown to highlight the importance of power posing in improving confidence. A key takeaway from the video was that when individuals power pose for just two minutes, their testosterone level increases while their cortisol (stress hormone) level decreases, leading to an increase in confidence. Participants were also encouraged to frequently practice their communication style using the tips discussed in the session.

During the panel discussion segment, the three guest panellists shared openly about how they were able to thrive in the workplace. Panellists accepted questions from the floor and gave participants tips on how to be confident in situations where your voice is being drowned. Participants were also encouraged to support fellow women in the workplace and to always celebrate baby steps.

WR hopes that through workshops like this, participants will pick up some skills and the necessary knowledge which they can then apply to boost them professionally and in their personal growth. It is WR’s vision that women are connected and supported by fellow women in the community, given inspiration and empowerment to take charge of their lives. We thank all participants as well as our corporate partners for joining us in working towards this vision.

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