Foreign Visitors

Visit from Gender Equality Resource Center, Philippines

SCWO warmly welcomed visitors from the Gender Equality Resource Center in Philippines on Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019. The enthusiastic group of 54 were in Singapore for a study visit to have an insight on Singapore’s gender equality strategies.
Hosted by board members Yeo Miu Ean and Laina Greene, SCWO shared about our services and initiatives, namely Star Shelter, Maintenance Support Central and the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame. We also shared about our regional efforts with the ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations and the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network.
This was followed by an exciting Q&A session that allowed both groups to learn more about the others’ culture and the status of women in mutual countries. The group was interested to learn about how they could start up similar services in their home country, and asked questions about the operations of the Shelter, and the demographics about the residents there. Due to different marital laws (divorce remains illegal in the Philippines), the group was also curious about the chances of separation and reconciliation, and the circumstances that would allow it.
We were happy to learn from, and host the group.
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