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SCWO Member Spotlight: Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group

The Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore) (BMSG) envisions Singapore as a nation where breastfeeding is seen as normal, and is part of society’s fabric.

We strive to maintain a vibrant community of breastfeeding mothers who find emotional support, encouragement, companionship and information in the organisation.

To make this a reality, we facilitate support for breastfeeding mothers, education for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and families, and public awareness and advocacy in the community.

BMSG is nothing without our beloved volunteers. Each year, we train volunteer counsellors – our own mothers who wish to give back to society, and to be part of the breastfeeding support network.

We have various channels in supporting our technologically savvy breastfeeding families. Besides the traditional hotline, moms reach to us via Facebook, WhatsApp and email.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and continued breastfeeding with complementary foods for at least two years or beyond. The breastfeeding initiation and duration rates in Singapore are abysmal. However, we know that we are doing our small bit for Singapore, in hoping to raise the numbers, for the well-being of our next generation. When we receive heartfelt thank-yous from mothers in assisting them, whether during the rough patch of the early days post-birth, or during an illness, we can only feel humbled by the trust and confidence that our mothers have on us.

Our calendar is bursting with activities each month, as more and more families get to know us and value the importance of breastfeeding. Each month, we organise breastfeeding workshops and mother meet-ups right here in SCWO.

BMSG’s signature annual event is the Big Latch On during World Breastfeeding Week in August, where families come to latch their babies in synchrony to show support for breastfeeding.

Check out our website and social media channels to join us and find out more!


BMSG Counsellor Trainings and Breastfeeding Workshops at SCWO
BMSG president Ms Elaine Chow (right) and vice-president Ms Khatim Hamidon (left) with President Halimah at SCWO lunch








BMSG representative at IBFAN Asia conference at Bangkok March 2018










SWHF Heritage Walk


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