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Running the Extra Mile

It takes a special quality in one to walk in the shoes of another, yet quite another to not only don these shoes, but also run the extra mile in them – both literally and figuratively.

This is exactly what Ms Caroline Davis did.

Caroline approached Maintenance Support Central (MSC) last November, sharing her intention to contribute to its cause through personal fundraising. She first came to know about MSC through attending one of its talks titled: MSC Presents – Family Law and You: Maintenance. She then learned more about SCWO, as well as the work it does in supporting vulnerable women facing marital issues. Being no stranger to marital conflict that plagues too many a marriage these days, Caroline found herself especially drawn to the mission and vision of SCWO, and decided it was a cause she would like to support.

An experienced runner, she decided to raise funds through her participation in the Standard Chartered Half Marathon in December 2015. During the gruelling race, she thought about the women she would be helping, and this spurred her on. In February this year, an accomplished, delighted Caroline visited MSC to proudly present her contribution and share her story.

We could certainly do with more ‘Carolines’ in this world. Individuals who have tasted the bitter fruit of adversity, and not only rise above their circumstances, but also choose to sweeten it for others.

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