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New2U Biannual Bazaar 2019: Shopping is a Sport

They say shopping is a sport – and we couldn’t agree more. The very same values that will take you far on the track- competitiveness, endurance, discipline – will serve you well in this arena too. This similarity was most evident at our New2U Biannual Bazaar that took place on Saturday 25th May 2019.

The queue started at 7 am in the morning – by the time 10 am rolled around, we had a sizable crowd eagerly waiting. At 10 am sharp when the gates opened, the crowd rushed in. From then on, it was a flurry of shopping, queuing and more shopping.

Throughout the day, we had a constant stream of customers, including some who spent most of the day with us. The designer section, our most popular room, had a crowd that never abated, with a constant queue not just for payment, but to enter the section as well. Endurance at its very best! Very much so like in sport, competitiveness is a pre-requisite and knowing when to take action when the situation calls for it is important – such as snapping up that last bag when you know it’s the one for you.

The New2U biannual bazaar is held twice a year in May and December at the SCWO Centre – the bazaar takes over the entire lower floor of the SCWO Centre, and is one of our bigger fundraisers. The May bazaar raised a record-breaking $28, 205 – this will go towards the Star Shelter and other SCWO initiatives. To all those who came down for our bazaar, thank you for supporting SCWO’s work in empowering women in Singapore. And most of all, we would like to express our gratitude towards our amazing volunteers – we truly could not have pulled off the bazaar without our dedicated team of volunteers who have been so busy sorting, pricing and preparing for the bazaar in the weeks leading up to it – thank you!

For now, it’s back to regular programming for the New2U Thrift Shop – do visit the shop every Monday to Friday, 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. We also open on the last Sunday of every month. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram) to be kept up to date with shop happenings and special promotions!

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